Cowork in Las Canteras

Welcome to Work-labs

Our Story

Our journey started in 2019 when Las Palmas started to become a hub for freelancer and digital nomads from around the world. We started as a diverse community who had in common the freedom of traveling, love for technology and surf. Las Palmas is a well known town for surfing some may even say is the atlantic hawaii since you can surf all year round.

Our Facilities

Cowork area to focus while traveling

For Teams mettings

A great space needs an area to socialize.

Why not a full equiped kitchen

The community

The best co-working space in Las Palmas by far. It´s literally right on Las Canteras beach. You canuse the use the surfboards and wetsuits here for free whenever you want, and its 2 minutes walk from the surf spot, so great for a quick surf at lunchtime or afterwork. With shower too.
Ben Duffield
Lots of natural light. Great place and friendly people. Suitable for somebody who wants quiet working office or also for someone looking to meet new coworkers and digital nomads. Free surf boatds are a great benefit 🙂
Martin Kolarik
Best coworking in the area! Only 1 minute walk to Las Canteras Beach. you can almost hear the sea while you`re working! Also very spacious: a regular workroom with kitchen area, a quiet workroom, a couple of callboxes, a recption area with coffee machine, a chill/relax zone with couchs, a meeting room. They organize lots of activities like work brunch, surf session. I love the community here and feel very at ease. Very laid back atmosphere!
Ellen Voets
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