Who Are We

Our cowork is a space meant for travelers and digital nomads who has choosen Las Palmas as their new location be it for a day or month. We promote our community by holding events for our members and helping them on their arrival to the islands.

Our History

Work-Labs 2020

The coworking was meant to be a surfcamp wich we still promote but since we starte we have been visited by more and more digital and remote workers who needed a good place to work near Las Canteras beach, and this was or beginning.

Now we are a well known coworking with a great community from all the continents who love working surfing and a balace live.

Loved by Many

The best co-working space in Las Palmas by far. It´s literally right on Las Canteras beach. You canuse the use the surfboards and wetsuits here for free whenever you want, and its 2 minutes walk from the surf spot, so great for a quick surf at lunchtime or afterwork. With shower too.
Jessica Sommer
Lots of natural light. Great place and friendly people. Suitable for somebody who wants quiet working office or also for someone looking to meet new coworkers and digital nomads. Free surf boatds are a great benefit 🙂
Bryan Lambert
Best coworking in the area! Only 1 minute walk to Las Canteras Beach. you can almost hear the sea while you`re working! Also very spacious: a regular workroom with kitchen area, a quiet workroom, a couple of callboxes, a recption area with coffee machine, a chill/relax zone with couchs, a meeting room. They organize lots of activities like work brunch, surf session. I love the community here and feel very at ease. Very laid back atmosphere!
Kristin Foster
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